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Larsens Concrete was started by Walter Larsen in 1932. Originally a concrete tank manufacturer the company added concrete posts and then concrete stock troughs.  The product range has grown since then to an impressive array of moulded concrete products from very large tanks to dog bowls.  With the addition of Septech Treatment plants in 2000 the company has concentrated its efforts into treatment plant technologies and efficiencies of manufacturing.  We have become a rural development specialist providing solutions for clean water and disposal of sewage.

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 Stepping Stones

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Eletank Concrete Water Tank 

 Garden Edging

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Recent Projects

Patea Water Treatment Plant


-Scour Tank

We Were approached by Hawkins Construction to design and build a custom tank which had to be able to be driven on with a sucker truck and had to hold 15000 Litres at a depth of 1500mm to allow it to be gravity filled from another chamber.  We designed and built the chamber complete with engineering certifications.

Have a look at the Hawkins Infrastructure website for more details

 Custom Tank Design